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The Truth of the Forest – a word by Bob Taylor

This is important. This is something that everybody needs to watch. It doesn’t matter if you know anything about guitars. WATCH THIS and LEARN.

And remember, it’s not just to ebony. We’re doing this all over the world, to millions of other species of trees, plants, and animals, to entire habitats and the people who live there, on a daily basis. Why? So we can have pretty chess pieces, or guitars, or furniture, or bring home cheap tourist crap from our trips abroad, or even cheaper vegetables from our local supermarket.

“We no longer live in a land of new frontiers and of wasteful use of our natural resources.”

Amen to that! The world is way smaller than we ever thought. We simply cannot keep taking what we want, whenever we want, and not expect it to run out. To do so destroys not only the species we want, but other species, ecosystems, the livelihoods, and even the health, of the local populations.

Of course, for Bob Taylor, this is good business. But it’s also the right thing to do and even common sense. It’s just a shame that his common sense is still so uncommon.