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Guitar Technician Services

To get the most enjoyment and use out of your instrument, it’s so important have it properly setup and adjusted to ensure optimum playing comfort, tuning stability, and sound.

NOTE: Due to severe fatigue from Long COVID since February 2022 I am currently unable to teach but I can sometimes take of a few instruments per month. You should still contact me if you need guitar tech help and we’ll see what we can do at the time. Thank you for understanding.


My guitar tech work is charged at a rate of 60€ per hour. 

Prices shown below are presented as a guide and in addition to the minimum charges above; you will be given an estimate once I have examined your instrument but the final amount will be calculated when the work is finished based on the actual time taken (i.e. the cost for your guitar may be higher, or lower, than what is shown here).

Minimum charge : 15€ (for inspection/diagnosis if no other work is done)
If I travel to you, Travel charge : 10€ (if my round trip travel time to/from Metro Charles Michel is greater than 60 mins)

String Change only : 15€

Standard Guitar Setup : 60 € (string change, string height adjustment, neck relief adjustment, intonation, pickup height)

Complete Service for Electric Guitar : 120 € (e.g. Cleaning; fret polish; fingerboard oil/conditioning; string change; string action, nut height, neck relief, tremolo bridge adjustment; pickup height adjustment; intonation adjustment)

Treble Bleed bypass mod install : 15€

Installation of new pre-made nut : 35€ + setup cost

Daily rate (for multiple instruments) : 250€ (up to 6 hours, and 50€ per hour thereafter)

Prices above do not include the cost of strings, electronic components, or spare parts (which you are free to supply yourself if you so wish). If you need me to supply strings or parts make sure you discuss it with me before booking to allow time for ordering and delivery.

There may be many types of strings and tension/gauges available for your instrument. If you are unsure of which strings to buy, I can advise you! Just get in touch with me through the Contact Page.

Note that I am not currently offering complex jobs e.g. re-frets, re-setting broken headstocks, refinishing, etc. In these situations I am happy to recommend other luthiers in Paris that you can visit. You’ll find that list at the end of this blog post “The Paris Expat’s guide to buying a Guitar”.

Note: My guitar students (private students and all current RockU students) have access to my guitar tech services at a reduced rate of 50€ per hour. See here for details.